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Sourcing Services


Product Sourcing

We are specialists in assisting companies seeking to produce products or to source products in China.  Our specialists can help you find the best company to produce and source your product.


Onsite Support

We have experienced on-site staff support. Most of them have been working with us for many years during which they have performed key roles in communication, QA, and timely delivery. This gives you and your company experience, knowledge, a trusted partner and an advantage in all aspects of your new endeavor in China.  


Shipping Consolidation

Purchasing many types of products from different regions in China has resulted in excessive shipping costs. To overcome this issue, AC offers centralized shipping consolidation in our Shanghai warehouse and streamlined delivery arrangements. 


Setting a Factory

We assist firms in analyzing the cost of operations and determining the incentives at various factory or plant locations, assessing labor maturity, quality assurance, and resource logistics. We may also contact local Chinese governments to acquire tax advantages for certain years.

Innovative Venture

If you are seeking to move your innovative products to the next level, AC's prototyping service in China is essential for you. Not only will the product be tailored to your specific needs, but the costs will be cut to a fifth of your original budget.


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Contact us:

2828 W. Parker Road, Suite 101C

Plano TX, 75075

Tel.  (972) 354-4787

Fax. (972) 943-7770


World Trade Center

Suite 156-WTC

2050 Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, Texas 75207


Shanghai Office

No 35, Long 1075, W. Jin Sha Jiang Road, Suite 503 1st Office Building,

Shanghai, 201803

The P. R. of China

Tel. +86 21 3363-7925

Fax.+86 21 6070-6423


Shanghai Warehouse


China Sourcing Service Guidelines

        Through years of experience our team has developed thorough guidelines to ensure quality service to our clients.

Product Sourcing Management

  • Analyzes the requirements of the commodity, including preliminary specifications, preferred supplier, and date commodity is needed. Solicits and evaluates proposals for the requested commodity.
  • Work with the key managers to develop and implement China sourcing solutions and strategies.
  • Locate and develop potential suppliers that have the capability to supply the commodity per requirements. Investigates and/or interviews the supplier to determine if they meet standards. Insures that chosen suppliers offer best in class pricing, high quality components, and timely deliveries.
  • Supervise vendor facilities to evaluate overall performance, including production capacity, cost control, efficiency, quality, reliability and on-time delivery. Effectively lead the process by overseeing requirements definition, bid, negotiations, contract documentation & integration.
  • Advises management of client on the appropriate supplier to be used.
  • Implements purchase contracts that comply with company standards and government regulations.
  • Provide overall vendor management including ensuring tactical execution within assigned commodity, escalations due to service delivery/quality issues and invoicing/payables issues, supplier & contract database management, etc.
  • Lead sourcing efforts to develop lowest cost of ownership, improving competitiveness, service levels and quality position
  • Appraise the Company’s purchasing activities and issue periodic financial and operational reports
  • Seek out and develop emerging regions of new suppliers, or suppliers with new and evolving capabilities. Assist the organization on the value of, and risks associated with new sources of supply
  • Maintain a portfolio/library of current and potential China source of supply
  • Manage relationships with Chinese vendor partners to ensure mutual satisfaction of objectives

Agreement Negotiation

  • Undertake supplier negotiations for China sourcing, supplier scheduling, and ensuring on-time delivery through relationship-building to maximize business benefits.

  • Develop & lead negotiation strategies with suppliers & establish strong contractual relationships including clear Statements of Work/Service Level Agreements
  • Conduct business dealings with the highest level of integrity and regard for legal and environmental issues
  • Keep business information absolutely confidential.

Onsite Support

  • Develop and manage supplier portfolios and support day-to-day sourcing responsibilities for manufacturing operations.
  • Develop and implement supply strategies to aggressively reduce the cost of key materials, components and subsystems, reduce material lead times and inventory requirements and associated work capital requirements.
  • Partner with Engineering, R & D, Finance and Manufacturing leadership to achieve cost reduction targets.
  • Assures that the product is delivered on schedule, at the negotiated price, and meets the quality standards of the client.
  • Maintains timely control of orders, amendments, shipping notices, and other documents to assure accurate retention of records.
  • Coordinates appropriate methods needed to distribute commodity in a cost effective manner.
  • Identify inefficiencies and propose solutions for improvements
  • Develop and achieve short and long-range operational objectives, organizational structure and staffing requirements
  • Actively support the development of a sourcing strategy, translate strategy into objectives/action plans & drive execution of the objectives for assigned commodities aligned with the customer, business/sourcing strategy & corporate goals. Be results-driven about customer & business cost reduction, revenue increasing initiatives, aggregating supplier volume/reducing price, & utilizing tools/identifying opportunities for e-processes increasing capacity & driving controllership.


  • Develop systems/processes to achieve 100% on-time supplier deliveries
  • Negotiate agreements with and manage supplier relationships

Risk Management

  • Provide advice on all significant matters involving China sourcing impact
  • Monitor and measure both financial and non-financial risks
  • Monitor performance and development
  • Suggest an exit plan if needed
Services provided in:


plastics parts/sheets
metal fabrication
household items
auto parts
electric/electronic parts
solar application
workwear/medical clothes
and many other industries

We can work as your:


Representative, or

Independent Contract



Exhibition Gallery


Safety Workwear


Antibacterial Treated Scrub / Lab coat


Rain Coat


and more


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