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Shipping Services

Whether a full-container load (FCL), or less-than-container load (LCL), AC offers flexible shipping options for ocean, air, or express freight transportation, including Door to Port, Door to Customs Terminal Warehouse, or Door to Door services. Shipping costs may be much lower if clients have a shipping plan, enabling us to book the container in advance.


US Customs Duty

AC is associated with a licensed customs brokerage, which is the direct link to customs database to ensure correct documentation and accurate classification every time. They will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Classification review

  • Duty drawback services

  • Continuous bond fulfillment

  • Shipment pre-clearance


Product Consolidation

AC's 4000 sq. ft. warehouse in Shanghai may be of immense value if your product comes from many different manufacturers in China. Our warehousing service will consolidate and temporarily store your products until it becomes one big shipment.  


Product Packaging

An associated packaging factory will appropriately pack finished products to prevent damage that might result from shipping. AC will also package in compliance with international shipping regulations as well as custom regulations. The AC China team will tailor packaging requests to fit each of our client's shipping needs. 



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Contact us:

2828 W. Parker Road, Suite 101C

Plano TX, 75075

Tel.  (972) 354-4787

Fax. (972) 943-7770


World Trade Center

Suite 156-WTC

2050 Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, Texas 75207


Shanghai Office

No 35, Long 1075, W. Jin Sha Jiang Road, Suite 503 1st Office Building,

Shanghai, 201803

The P. R. of China

Tel. +86 21 3363-7925

Fax.+86 21 6070-6423


Shanghai Warehouse


Shipping Services

For all the projects that we handle, we will arrange

door-to-door delivery.



Delivery Pathway


It will take about 40 days for a product from a factory in China to reach the door step of our US client.



                                        Container Parameters

Standard 20' Container

Standard 40' Container

Inside Length


5.89 m


12.01 m

Inside Width


2.33 m


2.33 m

Inside Height


2.38 m


2.38 m

Door Width


2.33 m


2.33 m

Door Height


2.28 m


2.28 m


1,172 ft3

33.18 m3

2,390 ft3

67.67 m3

Tare Weight

4,916 lb

2,229 kg

8,160 lb

3,701 kg

Max. Cargo

47,999 lb

21,727 kg

59,040 lb

26,780 kg


                    Packaging for shipping

 Packing for shipping

Paper Box

Wooden Box

Scootable Box

Pipe Shelf

Wooden Frame


                    Product Packing

Industrial Package







Commercial Package 







Customized Labeling







Services provided in:


plastics parts/sheets
metal fabrication
household items
auto parts
electric/electronic parts
solar application
workwear/medical clothes
and many other industries

We can work as your:


Representative, or

Independent Contract



Shipping Notes


Sample Duty in China

According to China Customs Regulations, duty will be collected if the value of the goods is over USD$50. However, customs taxes are not solely determined by the value of the goods. Shipping fees and weight of the goods is taken into account in the final value of the goods subject to taxation.  


Weight Shipping Notes

Weight is taken into account in shipping. As the maximum loads in both the 20' container and 40' containers are similar, heavy materials such as construction goods are usually loaded into the smaller container. Furthermore, it is difficult to gain price benefits for the shipment of heavy materials, so it is advised that arrangements for shipping are made in advance.


Seasonal Fluctuations

Rates usually fluctuate with the seasons, and traffic is crowded before Christmas and other holidays. Arranging shipments in advance and avoid the Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) will allow for benefits in price.






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